Architectural Drawing

A High School project I had my students do was an interesting Architectural Drawing.

I gave the upcoming project to them on Thursday so they had all weekend to prepare. Their job was to take pictures or find pictures of interesting architecture, and bring them to class on Monday. From here you can take it in two directions:

Option #1: The students create an architectural drawing with the pictures as reference points. I stipulated that it had to be a strange combination of regular ol' buildings please.

Sorry the picture isn't very good quality. Bad lighting.

Option #2: Have the students incorporate the photo's into the drawing (collage).

Just to show you there are photo's here:

This one is very M.C. Escher-ish:

*Last three drawings are my own. While this is a project I did with my high school students, I didn't take pictures of all of them. The first one is the only high school example I have.


Bethfly said...

Love your ideas!!
What is an edible color wheel

Mrs. Birss said...

Thanks a lot! An edible color wheel is mixing the colors with icing instead of paint, and icing cookies with the new colors. The kids arrange them on a mat to make their color wheel and then they get to eat their creation afterwards....the kids LOVE it :)