Cubist Music

Alright...onto some High School stuff.

I LOVE Cubism, and have explored it within my own art extensively. I introduced this project to grade 11 and 12's, so they too could explore Cubism. I began by showing the work of Pablo Picasso.

Girl with a Mandolin

The Accordionist

Ma Jolie (Woman with a Guitar)

We looked at how he broke up the plane with facets of light and shadow and color. We also noticed that music was a theme to a lot of pieces.

I set up a still life with a guitar and other instruments. Students were to use multi-media: pastels, pencil crayon, graphite, charcoal, etc., as well as a collage element. They could use any combination of media as long as they used 2-3 mediums and collage. We brainstormed collage elements, and some included music sheets, newspaper, guitar strings, etc.

Armed with a pencil and a ruler, students sat around the still life to get a good composition. From there they decided the mediums they wanted to work in and worked independently and the results were great.

These are some cubist drawings of my own, that I also showed my students:

Showing students your work may or may not be a good idea. Depending on the group of students it might really inspire them....or it may make them think more limited, and just make the kind of art you have shown them.


Viscious-Speed said...
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Viscious-Speed said...

I like ur colored piece. It's fantastic the way u shaded it. They look soft & luminous.

And the works of ur students, the 2nd one is especially unique. It's got an appeal that the rest doesn't quite have, in my humble opinion anyway.

Mrs. Birss said...

Thanks so much! Yeah the second one was done by a student who always did fantastic work. She had a very creative mind.